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Commercial Steam Cleaning Services in Bangalore

Sago provides professional steam cleaning and our teams are highly trained in use of the correct procedures and methods for cleaning surfaces as well as individual items of plant and equipment. Our flexibility to approach and scheduling of works around your production and maintenance teams ensures the most productive use of downtime for cleaning and maintenance, we are one of the few steam cleaning companies to offer overnight services.

Steam cleaning is a specialist technique that is used to remove heavy residues of grease or charred remains from commercial kitchen surfaces and food production areas, and is an effective way to get dirt and contaminants out of most surfaces. Our steam cleaning companies services will get rid of many in ground stains other cleaning methods simply can’t get rid of.

We specialise and steam clean kitchens as part of our deep clean services. We have used steam cleaning services in some of the Bangalore hotels, pubs and restaurants. Our steam cleaning system can be used on ovens, deep fat fryers, fridges, tiles, floors and grills leaving your kitchen completely sanitised and meeting the strictest of health and safety guidelines for cleanliness.

We also use this technology to spot clean commercial upholstery and carpets leaving fabrics looking brand new and saving you the cost of replacement. We have provided steam cleaning services for commercial buildings, factories, universities, local authorities, housing associations and food plants.

We provide services that include the following:
  • Restaurant Sanitization
  • Office Sanitization
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